Making Connections

"Compassion is daring to acknowledge our mutual destiny so that we might all move forward together to the land which God is showing us."

-quote by Henri Nouwen

Using Hands & Hearts To Serve God

Outreach Ministries

Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM)

Serves the people of the world through our direct support of the Penn-Northeast Conference and the United Church of Christ, including the regional, national, and international Christian Missionaries

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)

Outreach in the name of Christ to build sustainable communities, respond to disaster, and minister to refugees

Neighbors in Need (NIN)

Supports groups who advocate for policies that help set the climate for personal and communal transformation

Strengthen the Church

Through this fund we strengthen and renew existing congregations, support new congregations, provide exciting new programs for youth and young adults, and leadership development for the whole church

Christmas Fund

An expression of joy and gratitude for those who serve the church, to help provide pension and health premium supplementation to low-income retirees and emergency assistance to clergy families in need

PUMP – The Portland, Upper Mount Bethel Food Pantry

Supplying local residents in need with regular weekly offerings of food

Nursing Home Visitation and Support

Bringing cheer and companionship to our seniors in area nursing care facilities, and helping provide funds for the Phoebe Nursing Facilities in the Slate Belt and Allentown

Slater Family Network

A coordinated gift offering received at Christmas to provide presents to families and children who would not share the joy of the holy season

Daffodil Days

A special offering coordinated through the American Cancer Society to fund research and education programs

Blood Donor

The gift of life is as simple as a 45 min. donation of red blood to save a human life, coordinated through the Keystone-Miller blood bank

Natural Disaster Emergency Relief

Denominational relief for floods, earthquake, & fire, providing assistance to those affected by the disaster