Discipleship Ministries

Our Goal is to Grow Disciples in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Our journey in faith is an unfolding drama that is always new and exciting for God has more to reveal to us. The Christian Story begins with God's love. It invites us to build upon that firm foundation and faithfully respond in ways that build community and healthy relationships. It involves a lifetime of reflection and action, prayer and conversation, outreach and listening as we seek to become the disciples that our Lord encourages us to be. Through intentional study and growth opportunities, we desire to continue this process. Won't you join us? Let the "Story" continue to find expression through your life! Grow into the disciple that God calls you to be in Christ!

Church School For All Ages

From age 3 through the eldest of our adults, plus a class for the youngest of babies. We gather on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. to share in learning experiences designed to equip us as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Adult Education

A series of programs are afforded throughout the year to adults of our church and community.